Unlock Epic Adventures with ChronoForge NFTs!

20. Februar 2023 Von admin Aus

• ChronoForge is a non-fungible tokens collection built on the Ethereum network launched in 10 January, 2022.
• There are 1706 owners of the ChronoForge collection with 8,956 sales made at an average price of 0.34 ETH (~$581.92).
• NFTs can vary in value depending on how established and promoted they are by their creators and community.

Overview of ChronoForge

ChronoForge is a non-fungible tokens (NFT) collection built on the Ethereum network that was launched on 10 January, 2022. The market capitalization of the NFT collection stands at 190.50 ETH and has 1706 owners within 404 days since its release. A total volume of 3,053.203 ETH was created through 8,956 collections sales at an average price of 0.34 ETH (~$581.92 at the time of writing). The floor price of ChronoForge is 0.0249 with a 30-day trading volume of 3.94 ETH and payment tokens accepted being Ethereum (ETH) and Wrapped Ether (WETH).

Value Variance among NFTs

NFTs are new to the blockchain ecosystem so there is no historical data or precedence to determine their values accurately yet. Those that started early during the market boom have gained legitimacy simply because they had first-mover advantage whilst others have been created out of greed with little real value behind them as a result making it difficult for investors to differentiate between them easily before investing in one themselves .

ChronoForge Fees

The fees connected to transactions made using Chronoforge are as follows: buyer fee to dev – 0 basis points; seller fee to dev – 750 basis points; buyer fee to opensea – 0 basis points; seller fee to opensea – 1000 basis points; gas required for transaction – 37500 GWEI/gas limit per block – 60000 gas limit max per block – 120000 gas used by transaction – 50000 GWEI/gas limit min per block – 40000.

Is ChronoForge Over or Underpriced?

It is difficult to assess whether items from the Chronoforge collection are overpriced or underpriced as this will become clearer when more active development into metaverses and other NFT markets occur over time, along with how much effort goes into promoting these projects from both their creators and communities alike before investing further into them yourselves .

Examples from Collection

Examples from this collection include Legendary Adventurer #1 , Legendary Adventurer #2 , Legendary Adventurer #3 , and Legendary Adventurer #4 .